How an Event Organizer benefited from Neo Kinetic’s bespoke data building services

How an Event Organizer got benefit from Neo Kinetic’s bespoke data building services

Client Overview

A well-known Events/ Exhibitions organizer was struggling to maintain a vast database of past 13 years which had data duplications & redundancies. Also, half of the time, the client’s team was engaged in keeping the database up-to-date time and again.

Client Requirement

The client approached Neo Kinetic with their requirement and was seeking help to achieve the following:

  • Managing and de-duping their database and updating it on a regular basis
  • Building fresh data considering their huge exclusion list

Neo Kinetic Solution

  • Data Management Services – At first our operations team did a health check of their existing database to find out anomalies. Ran various tests with the help of proprietary and 3rd party tools to check and validate appropriate data. Our research team did a lot of sample runs on the database to filter out duplication and cleanse the data accordingly. It took almost 15 days for this whole process in order to rectify their old data so that we will be able to keep it up-to-date there-on.
  • List Building Services – Neo Kinetic, after considering the client’s exclusion list we were left out with very little scope of finding new data for India but anyhow managed to get a good number of databases with all the required fields which were very difficult to be fetched online. Our experienced research team with an extensive research methodology and an attitude of getting things done aggressively went out of the way in figuring out the accurate contacts and building a bespoke database.


For the client:
The client was able to get good conversions of event registrations and walk-ins.
The client was able to conduct campaigns based on this fresh data with 95% accuracy levels.
For Neo Kinetic:
The client got into a long-term engagement with Neo Kinetic for maintaining and updating their database regularly.

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