How a Wellness Company used Neo kinetic lead generation services to increase their customer base

How a Wellness Company used Neo kinetic lead generation services to increase their customer base

Client Overview

A newly formed Wellness company was looking to acquire clients very quickly. The company used a very old database of prospects that was unstructured. This led to their Sales staff spend too much time working on prospects and cleaning the existing database. This also resulted in a very slow growth rate for the first 6 months.

Client Requirement

The client approached Neo Kinetic with their requirement and was seeking help to achieve the following:

  • A fresh database of 5000 companies with relevant contacts that fit their criteria for email campaigns
  • They also wanted Neo Kinetic to generate 200 leads in the first 3 months with an expectation of 12-15% conversion

Neo Kinetic Solution

  • List Building Services – Neo Kinetic, after a detailed discussion with the client, got into action for building a database of prospects that entailed 5000 companies with 2 contacts per company. Also having other details like email, mobile numbers, Job title and Function, etc. This database was created and delivered to them in a span of 8 days after going through the normal process of Research and Quality check and guaranteed 95% accuracy.
  • Lead Generation Services – Realizing that the first month would have slow sales, the team quickly identified 15 sales people instead of 12 realizing the time limitation and the time lost during training. The team created their own database and initiated an email campaign that entailed sending 200 emails per day. The team also connected with multiple prospects on LinkedIn and started networking. The team also took the onus of putting in extra hours just so the training could be expedited. While the appointments were slow to start with, they picked up after 15 days of calling. The team eventually achieved their targets with 2 days to spare.


For the client:
The client was able to hit the targets as committed to the investors
The client sales staff only focused on warm leads thereby increasing their conversion rate.

For Neo Kinetic:
The client got into a long-term engagement with Neo Kinetic (12 months) with 5 fixed seats. The client also introduced a variable pay plan for the staff, outside of the agreed costing to keep the staff motivated.

Proven success at helping Clients achieve Measurable ROI